3 Things to Look Out for While Buying A Cotton Bra In Pakistan

Is Comfort your most essential criteria when you buy a bra? Or maybe you just prefer fabrics that feel naturally soft on your skin. And cotton bras hit all of these benchmarks and can be great if you value flexibility. Because when it comes to bras, fabric matters!


Why Go for Cotton Bras?

Cotton bras let your skin breathe through it. You should opt for cotton bras if your skin is prone to rashes and other skin irritations. Moreover, if you have sensitive breasts or just want a bra that does not pinch or feel tight against your skin, then cotton bras are the way to go.


Cotton Bra


Understanding Cotton

You will find a range of cotton bras available in different styles. A number of designs feature only cotton cups whereas others are fully cotton made. Cotton blended fabrics are also commonly being used these days as the fabric allows more flexibility and is stretch resistant.

Pure cotton bras have fibres that are more uniform and longer. This results in the softness of the fabric. So whenever you choose to buy a cotton bra, make sure you understand the composition and fabric blend being used before you go bra shopping online.


Cotton Bra


To help you with your shopping, check out these top tips when buying a cotton bra:


Bra that Fits Well: The backband provides 90% support, so the fit should be tight but comfortable.


Find your Right Size: Cup size should be proportional to the body frame.


Find the Perfect Colour to Complement Your Outfit. When buying cotton bras to wear under a particular dress, find the colour that best complements the outfit you are going to wear.


Go for Ideal Support: If you have a smaller breast size, you can opt for both wired and non-wired bras. However, if your breasts are heavier, underwired bras are a more viable option as the underwires provide the much needed support and upliftment to the breasts.


Perfect Fit: Minimizer cotton bras reinforces your chest frame and is responsible for providing better support in combination with a gentle lift. Moreover, these bras give superior shape by defining your cups and reduces the possibility of sagging. For those with heavy breasts, cotton minimizer bras gives a reduced bust appearance.


The cotton bra has evolved in design and fit over the last few decades. However, modern styles are wire-free, making it a great choice for occasions such as lounging or day wear.

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